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Dion Timmer proves, time and time again, just how talented he truly is. Released today on Subsidia Records, the Arcane EP justifies the rebrand of all that is Dion Timmer. This piece of artwork shines the young producer’s creativity and highlights his organic originality.

Dion Timmer’s FAT discography has deeply indebted the hearts of those in love with electronic music.

While the world sat still for the last year, Dion Timmer put in work in the studio. The young producer released seven hit singles, including a “Shiawase” VIP, “Scumbag” with Bear Grillz, and “Necromancer” with Excision, along with a full-length album, Enter Achroma. The newest EP, Arcane, brought Dion Timmer out from being just a DJ to an artist with a vision.

Dion Timmer at Bass Canyon, 2018

“Arcane is a fresh take on how I see my art, zooming out from the neon city into the more organic parts of my personal universe. The music remains similar to my older pieces, but a little more ‘alive.’”

Dion Timmer

The Arcane EP consists of the lead single “All My Thoughts” feat. Lucii, followed by six additional tracks with collaborations including G-Rex, Teddy Killerz, Excision, and Monika Santucci. The rebrand also features a 60-minute Arcane mix to tie the entire collective together. Arcane hits a multitude of subgenres ranging from dubstep, riddim, drum and bass, and some feel-good sing-along EDM.

Stream Dion Timmer’s Arcane EP Here:

You can also enter Dion Timmer’s mind in an interview with Subsidia Records here. Arcane is the beginning of a massive year for Dion Timmer who notes that there is much more to come!

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