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YØUNGBLØØD is back on Electric Hawk Records with his newest track “OG” and it’s a trap fantasy. In true trap fashion, “OG” is full of hard synths and intricate drum patterns that will shake your soul.

Featuring two drops, “OG” is that perfect track that keeps giving. Faint vocals collide with tribal basslines before the first drops that is overflowing with oscillating bass and vocal samples. YØUNGBLØØD gives us a short reprieve before diving into an even more complex second drop that is so grimey that you will have to take a shower after listening to it.

Fresh off the Playboy VIP + Remixes EP released through Nightenjin, YØUNGBLØØD aka Alex Jongbloed has hit the ground running after releasing an onslaught of remixes, singles, collaborations, and mixes all 2020. And “OG” proves he isn’t stopping any time soon.

Listen to “OG” by YØUNGBLØØD here:

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