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Featured artwork by veggietempura and FYONAFINN

Every now and then you stumble across a producer so talented, you can’t help but become completely captivated by their discography. For us, that’s VCTRE – and more notably, his newest Die Happy EP.

While the electronic music scene is saturated with releases being promoted left and right, it can feel somewhat challenging to keep up with. VCTRE, on the other hand, takes the road less traveled, surprising fans with a cryptic announcement the week of and earning recognition through his stand alone sound design.

Over the span of 5 tracks, the rising artist further secures his position at the forefront of the bass scene, venturing into the low end of the spectrum in the melancholy “Seasons,” but also pumping out full-blown cerebral bangers like “Fingernailed” and “Treacherous.” Honestly, the EP should come with a warning label.

Listen to Die Happy by VCTRE now below, and make sure to subscribe to his Bandcamp here for even more unreleased treats:

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