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Despite the decivingly bright cover art, the twisting images of the artwork for The Chain, do not prepare you for the heart-gripping tones that DMVU assaults you with in his brand new EP.

DMVU Press Photo Electric Hawk

DMVU takes you on an adventure through dystopian dimensions far and wide with songs that are longer than the usual bass track. With only one single song under 4 minutes, he seems to have created each to be almost a full epic in this set of tunes. Each piece is full and entirely complex in its sound.

Kick back and lean into this mind-numbing bass EP

Erythraeum belongs in the opening sequence to an A24 movie. Wide shots of dark spaces, feet running, the scene slowly building in intensity as the bass invades your bones in this beginning track. Then despite its name, Harmonicc comes straight for your neck after lulling you into a sense of security for just a moment. But there is no such thing as safety anymore in this gritty soundscape that DMVU has created. It rings you out like a dirty towel until there’s nothing left of value inside of you. Turns you into an empty shell of a brain. The drums really accentuate the punch this song packs.

Peach Smoothie was the single released in July off this album. Believe me we have been bumping this track since its release. The scratchy sounds in this track make you dance as you do to drum and bass without the drum and bass. Every limb spasming in the most random fashion. The second drop is even more intense, scraping your ears as the sound enters them. Pull is that type of song that’s begging to be played on the best speakers money can buy. Even then the song is still too dimensional to be fully grasped in a single listen.

Dragged deeper into the dimensions of sound

The foreign landscape of sound created in Bacc Up Quicc is entrancing to the ears. The composition of seemingly random sounds pulled together to create a massive impact with each drop. Moving into Chain On My Neck, this one is my personal favorite. This type of smooth flow of bass directly into the ears is exactly what the doctor ordered. The wubs in this one requires a space cruise with a subwoofer in the back.

The monster of a switch up in Lunch Money is enough to make you stop in your tracks, jaw wide open. The multitudes of bell like sounds ringing in your ears long after they’ve stopped. Just like the ping of the cash register after a long day at work. Rounding off this crazy bass project with Space Is Very Big, a technical masterpiece of sound, creates the perfect finish to this exhibition of talent and creativity with a bang.

DMVU has truly created a well-rounded and versatile album that blends together to create a full narritave of sound. A narrative that ecapulates DMVU’s progression as an artist, and signals that things can only go up from here.

Listen to the entirety of The Chain EP by DMVU here!

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