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Embark on an emotive musical journey with Templo in this latest EP, Never Say Goodbye! Harnessing waxing and waning cadences, abundant emotional tones, and visceral production, Templo channels an effortless flow-state. 

Releasing his first EP in 2014, Templo continuously elevated his experimental bass style throughout his extensive catalog. The multi-instrumentalist and producer’s exploration into multifaceted musical realms led him to release his ambient album, For Painting Too, in February of 2022. Now, his latest EP Never Say Goodbye is out! 

“This is probably some of the most emotional music I’ve made and I can’t wait for people to hear it.” – Templo 

Never Say Goodbye EP
Photo by AJ Hawkins, Life Tap Media

“Metaluna” kicks this EP off with an introspective undertone; a compelling melody intensifies the metaphorical current of this listening experience. As you continue into uncharted waters, this tune is a vivid prelude to the surprising yet effortless instrumental change-ups this EP is overflowing with.

Opening with a dreamy soundscape, “Never Say Goodbye” illuminates effervescent vocal samplings over a euphoric musical arrangement. A distorted electric guitar riff begins to chime at the forefront of the mix, showcasing Templo’s ability to create harmony between distinctive sounds.

Beginning with gentle melodies, “Lost” embodies a musical oasis, however, this “oasis” is met with contrasting moods in the lyricism and refrains. Much like the unpredictable nature of a river, this track flows through moments of tranquility, and rapids; in reminiscence of the ebbs and flows of life.

After a tender dance, Never Say Goodbye dips into the shadows.

Charting into heavier territory, “Everything You Know” revs up with droning deep bass, seamlessly transitioning into unexpected tributaries. Voicing darker, distorted tones, this song has a triumphant disposition and creates a complementary polarity to the rest of the EP.

“Stone Soul” brings this journey to a close in a rhapsodic fashion. As the energy builds towards the finale, a choppy guitar riff merges with euphonious experimental sounds. Wielding a blissful moment, an arpeggiated saw wave improvisation embodies a cathartic emotional release.

If you dig this EP, you can catch Templo performing at the 2022 Lightning in a Bottle Festival, Dreamscape Festival, Sonic Bloom, Yonderville Fest, and Circus of Life Festival.

Listen to Templo’s Never Say Goodbye EP here

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