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If you’re looking for those classic EDM love song vibes, SYB has a new lead single called “All I See” for his upcoming album Savage Yung Romance EP.

SYB, which stands for savageyungblanc, is an LA-based artist who does it all. Not only does he want to stimulate his audience audibly, but he also wants to do it visually, as well. The producer gets inspiration from all over the world since he travels so often.

The LA beatmaker sold out his New Year’s Eve show and after listening to this track, we know why. His music is intoxicating and energetic… We can’t even imagine what it’s like to experience it live, but we hope we get the chance to soon!

Listening to SYB “All I See” featuring Rypsa really takes us back. almost giving us Avicii and old-school Calvin Harris vibes. The progressive house song is a throwback of what it’s like to experience your first festival… It’s also reminiscent of being young and in love, where nothing else matters.

And that’s exactly what SYB was aiming for. He says,

“All I See” is a look back at a peak festival experience shared with a person I really care about. In those moments, the crowd melted away and it was just us engulfed by the music, artistry and our connection.


“All I See” is only the first single to come from his looming EP, Savage Yung Romance. So keep your ears and hearts open for more from SYB! We know we will.

Listen to SYB “All I See” below:

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