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Never showing any sign of slowing down this year, our family friend Super Future joins forces with RYNS to debut a future trap smash, ‘Elementals‘. Is that what we’re calling it? Future trap? Well, whatever genre these two have made, you’ve got to listen to this honker.

Super Future has a huge catalog of unique productions and collaborations with some of the hottest in the game right now, such as MeSo from Spicy Bois. RYNS is just getting started, with 14 released originals under his belt, there’s plenty of fresh sounds to dive in on and expect from him soon.

An incredibly energetic track, ‘Elementals’ begins with soothing atmospheres that swiftly shifts vibes with an ascending plethora of beautifully-combined instruments and dazzling synths that are breezing along Super Future and RYNS’s signature sound gracefully floating below.

Listen to the honker out via Sub.Terranean Sounds below.

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Dariel Leiva

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