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The ever-evolving DJ and producer Super Future finally released his Full Spectrum EP on July 13th. This self-release comprises five tracks proving his effortless versatility and love for all genres.

Super Future press photo
Photo by: Alyssa Schwalm

Emerging from a small and decorative city in Michigan, Nick Rowland has won hearts with his passion for music and go-getter attitude. Not to mention, his originality and range grow more impressive year after year. For example, his release of “Prisms” in 2017 kicked off his incorporation of live instruments underneath powerful synths. After that, the debut of the Hypernatural EP with Wreckno signified Nick’s creation of freeform bass as he continued to push the boundaries of sound. Then, the Equilibria album on SSKWAN became the well-known birth of the Super Future downtempo journey.

Super Future / Samsara Family Collective
Samsara Family Collective Event

In addition to his respect for music, he also strongly appreciates a sense of community. Back in the day, Super Future and his friends were cultivating local talent in his hometown of Grand Rapids. The Samsara Family Collective shortly became a major platform for up-and-coming producers. While throwing proper underground events, they highlighted Michigan-based artists such as KAR POW, Dreez, and Sandose. Without a doubt, Samsara created a one-of-a-kind, loving community.

Fast forward to today, and Super Future has matured exponentially as a person and an artist. He’s conquered headlining tours, like his most recent Full Spectrum tour this past spring. Likewise, he’s graced the stages of prominent festivals such as Backwoods, Lightning in a Bottle, and Dirtybird CampINN. Since the beginning, Super Future has shown no signs of slowing down, especially not now.

The Future is indeed Super!

This EP, like most of Super Future’s discography, is incredibly meaningful. After many ups and downs and years of experimentation, he’s finally discovered his niche. Each track pays tribute to his favorite genres but with the essence, he’s worked so hard to find. Read here to learn more about how significant Full Spectrum is to Super Future’s growth. In the meantime, let’s get into it!

With the coming of this Full Spectrum EP, I have come to a creative point in my career where I’m ready for people to understand my range. Not only am I coming up with tour sets that showcase several speeds and energies, but I’m also making the majority of that music directing the journey…

– Super Future

The first song on the EP is “Haunted,” and the title also matches its vibe. Echoing chords are layered with R&B vocals creating a sultry introduction as if sirens were calling us. The angst and passion become more and more palpable with every chant. Luckily, the reverberating bass brings us back to reality before we can answer their call. “Haunted” illustrates Super Future’s ethereal downtempo style that we’ve learned to love.

Secondly, the intensity increases with “New Smoke.” This tune is a reminder that Super Future can still throw down some hefty bass amongst the experimentation. Plus, for the first time, he’s included his own vocals to emphasize the bone-chilling bassline. The fierce accents are so captivating that we have no choice but to stay locked in until the end.

Full Spectrum smoothly blends multiple styles you may not expect to find all in one collection.

Next up is our personal favorite, “Hot UKG Summer.” Like many of his releases, this one is so fun that it’ll have everyone on the dancefloor within seconds. The dainty topline, coupled with such a bouncy UK Garage beat, is mesmerizing. Not only does this song expose Super Future’s lighthearted and spunky side, but it also sounds like our new summer anthem!

Super Future has evolved from just bass, but my coined genre, “vibrant freeform bass,” encompasses downtempo bass, experimental bass, UK styles of bass, breaks, trap, and even pop with my influence of bass. A true artist is not afraid to show their range when they have enough of it to separate themselves from the rest, and this is me making that statement in a “full spectrum” of variety.

– Super Future

Sublime,” the fourth track on the EP, falls into the pop category with an experimental twist. Pop music is one of the most listened-to genres nationwide and can often have clear electronic influences. “Sublime” is the perfect example of bridging the gap between two unique styles. The lyrics are soulful and whimsical, yet that bassline is mighty.

Last but not least, Full Spectrum ends with a bang(er). “The Basics” is a collaboration with one of Super Future’s favorite artists, Just John. Their unique impression of the breakbeat genre is engaging from start to finish. Right away, the fast breaks become the center of attention, that is, until the bass drops and rattles us to our core. It’s three minutes of pure chaos but organized in the best way possible.

SF press photo
Photo by: Brittany Teuber; Shirt design by: celloperations

As mentioned before, the Super Future train isn’t stopping any time soon! We could even say that the Full Spectrum EP has launched a new era. An era of self-discovery. Or an era of believing in yourself no matter the odds. Whatever it may be, Super Future can provide the soundtrack.

Find the Full Spectrum EP from Super Future on all platforms here!

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