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The evolving underground producer, HYPERDAZE, just released his debut album, Mind LP. And I’m honestly speechless, like where did HYPERDAZE even come from? This album came out so well done, I just have to ask. Each track was paid such special attention, given its own unique signature energy. Even the collabs with others like Sasha Rome and mnstrm. have very discernable sound. HYPERDAZE packaged them all as an incredible experience, together in sequence, and on their own.

The thirteen tracks of Mind explore a variety of experimental future bass sounds. HYPERDAZE is constantly bending the boundaries of what he creates. Consistently contrasting and complimenting, we hear a lot of soft piano, vocals, and lulling synths alongside dense bass, tinny sounds, and snappy kicks.

HYPERDAZE beautifully overlaps the synergy between beauty and the beat. So many of these tracks like “Mind” and “Dusk” have you bass-face locked but also crying like “damn this is so pretty”, and we don’t deserve it.

The young beatmaker took a sprinkle of inspiration from art like Flume and molds his own powerful story in Mind. He dances around genre components beautifully.


“Bloom,” the first on the album, begins very gently flowing, looping and cycling the energy of the melody. As we carry on, the booms of the bass and sharp ethereal vocals breathe in life and emotion, and warmth. “Bloom” had me transcending in the club, and set the tone for the rest of the journey through Mind.

“July” ft. Ero808

“July,” one of the tracks bringing the tempo and energy up, has a lot of cool little elements tied into its simplicity. Ero808’s vocals mesh perfectly with the soft but bright sound HYPERDAZE brings to “July.” The little touches of hesitation fades into the drop counts and consistent drums make for an irresistible dance beat.


Daaaamn. “Scorch” is one track that shows off HYPERDAZE’s heavier side with trap and hard wave inspired beats and sound. It starts with an organ and alluring dance lead. Then quickly jumping into chopped textures over a hot driving bass, “Scorch” ends rattling, high with intensity.

The thirteen track story of Mind shows a lot of passion had for pushing the barriers of “normal” and the mindfulness of the experience a song can provide. There is an impressiveness in the range of genre inspirations, switch ups, and sound design used, while all carrying a beautiful cohesiveness as a project.

Dive into all of the Mind LP by HYPERDAZE, out now:

And if you enjoy the listening experience of the Mind LP, be on the look out for more from HYPERDAZE. He recently teased a Mind Companion EP to drop soon:

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