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Within the shadows, all of us are patiently waiting to be found; Ghost in Real Life and We Rose uncover us with their new single “Lost and Found,” released on June 30th. The duo blends their luscious production styles to release this summer’s most energizing single. “Lost and Found” reveals those abandoned sentiments we all can connect to intensely.

Lost And Found Cover Art

“‘Lost and Found’ is a future bass/experimental bass song about getting ghosted for a date and feeling like an item on the island of misfit toys or in a lost and found box. This song’s sound was inspired by artists like Flume or Tisoki and infused with Ghost in Real Life’s angelic vocals.

Photo Credit: Maxine Bowen 

Sometimes what we are truly looking for is in the “Lost and Found”

Nonetheless, there is a constant feeling that a majority of us have experienced throughout our lives. While it is never an easy thing to admit, “Lost and Found” illustrates the emotions behind fear. The duo finds their way into our soul through its fluttering melodies and sparkling harmonies. “Lost and Found” effortlessly combines iridescent metallic bass elements with luscious synths for an addictive track. Additionally, the heavenly vocals from Ghost in Real Life create this chimerical atmosphere for us to float in.

Above all, the duo creates this perfect track that encapsulates those feelings of being lost. Through the shadows, “Lost and Found” reminds us of the worth we should be holding for ourselves, meanwhile not allowing anyone to have a chokehold on us – mistreating us through lies and actions. Ghost in Real Life says it best: “I’m meant for something greater, much more than your toy, I want to feel like I’m the one,” a sentiment to linger with us. “Lost and Found” is that refreshing track to play loudly on the speakers in your car to feel liberated.

Don’t “ghost” what Ghost in Real Life and We Rose have coming up!

The waves are growing in 2022 for these two rising talents. Ghost in Real Life continuously gains the support from Rude Service & Subsidia crowd and opened for Excision at Exchange LA earlier this month. While recently announcing her festival debut performance at Lost Lands in the fall, Ghost in Real Life persists to be one of the most hyped artists to keep on your radar! Additionally, We Rose earlier opened up for Bear Grillz at Exchange LA for his Prismata Release Party. Also gaining the support from ATLiens, Alison Wonderland, Rossy, and others, there is much more to anticipate from the We Rose project. Certainly, we will be keeping them on our radar as we patiently wait for what is coming next!

ghost in real life we rose lost and found
Photo Credit: Maxine Bowen 

Time to find what you are looking for in the “Lost and Found” with Ghost in Real Life and We Rose below!

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