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For her full mau5trap debut, Speaker Honey lights up 2020 with her Night Visions EP. Her distinct blend of techno and electro are in full force across all four tracks. Raw sounds from both styles are integrated in this spectral showcase of her technical proficiency.

I know where I want to go with my creativity and my art and my path but also [it’s] dark and I actually don’t know. It’s like this feeling of positivity but then also the unknown. And knowing that just like I’m taking back the authority to just step into it. That’s why I called it Night Visions, stepping into your path, your destiny, but it’s still the unknown.

Speaker Honey

Speaker Honey, real name Kirsty Parker, while new to mau5trap and the nationwide-scene, has been producing music for a decade already, and this is amply evident from the sound design in her Night Visions EP. Starting off with “Mass,” Speaker Honey narrates a journey with her signature mix of techno and electro. The track constantly builds and releases heavy tensions. Next, there is “2020 (Night Vision),” whose name plays on the year and Speaker Honey’s determination to follow her path with wide-open eyes. The mesmerizing melody and eerie vocals are supported with a boosted bass.

The third track is “P=MV,” and its name, the physics formula for momentum, is perfect as this track picks up the energy right where “2020 (Night Vision)” left off. The polished synths and the absolutely infectious kick-drum beat form the backbone of this song. Finally, the EP ends with “Dark Fortune,” whose sinister vibe matches its name. In conclusion, Speaker Honey delivers a stunning addition to the mau5trap library with her Night Visions EP.


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