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The festival that shocked us all with its stacked lineup is finally coming to life this weekend! Making its debut in New Brockton, Alabama, Sol Fest 2022 presents itself as more than your typical music festival. As well as being a celebration of music, it’s also a celebration of life.

Sol was designed with dear friend, Quentin ‘Sol’ Rupp, in mind. His charm and inspiring personality ignited a fire inside his close circle to create something beyond a fest. The goal is to curate a safe place where attendees can connect, grieve, and most importantly, heal. Let’s take a tour of the six hidden gems that’ll help make this dream come true.

1. Frick Frack Blackjack

First off, is a beloved attraction that has made its mark on festivals such as Hulaween, Summer Camp, and Okeechobee. Spot the Frick Frack tent and “get your frick on” as the Marvelous Marvin deals you into a no-limit game of blackjack. Here you can bet anything in the world, except for money. So, gather the most random items around and enjoy an evening playing cards with many lovable characters.

Frick Frack Blackjack tent Yvonne Gougelet Electric Hawk
Photo by: Yvonne Gougelet

2. The Sonic Portal

The Sonic Portal Jamie Seed Electric Hawk
Photo by: Jamie Seed

Next, take a trip on the “psychedelic spaceship” to explore a place free of words. The Sonic Portal gives its riders a liberating auditory experience once inside the cage. However, don’t be alarmed because the tranquil effects are worth it as intense as this “ride” looks. Give in to the serenity while loud but soothing vibrations echo into the center straight through the earholes. For years this team has been stunning crowds across the country, for example, Electric Forest, Sonic Bloom, and Shambhala include some of their yearly visits.

3. The DeBussy Bus

No festival is complete without a renegade bus. Fortunately, the DeBussy Bus is coming to Florida! Equipped with Funktion sound, the party will most definitely be going until the wee hours of the morning. This mobile stage originated in July 2020 as a typical school bus before enduring some massive upgrades into what it is today. Now dazzling crowds all over the south, the DeBussy Bus is planned to be parked at Bloom Music Festival before hitting Sol Fest. If you’re coming to Sol, look for the lasers and do not miss this heavy production including wild b2b’s and maybe a few special guests too…

4. Hermetic Productions

Adding to the artistry is an installation that incorporates nature to provide its beautiful illusions. James, aka the Holograman, is the face behind Hermetic Productions which he single-handedly began in 2016. He uses the sacred element of water to bring hypnotic visuals to life, coloring the sky with bursts of light! It’s going to be LIT (haha, get it?). In all seriousness, these graphics are impressive therefore making this a noteworthy perk of the weekend.

Hermetic Productions logo

5. The Black Sheep Circus LLC

For those afraid of clowns, beware! This glow-in-the-dark installation is giving American Horror Story Season 7 vibes but in a wholesome, trippy way. Black Sheep Circus is an immersive traveling art gallery owned by the hard-working couple, Michael and Linnea. Who doesn’t love live art?! These two know how to curate a vibe in addition to showcasing talented artists in real-time. This safe haven will not only bring a whole new meaning to art but also a happy feeling of community to Sol Fest.

Black Sheep Circus tent photo from Suwannee Festival
Photo Taken at Suwannee

6. Sol Sunday

Last but certainly not least is Sol Sunday. For the finale, downtempo music will play throughout the day then the night will conclude with a special Funshway DJ set. Consistent with the theme of honoring loved ones, a memorial slideshow will also be on display before having a proper effigy burn. On top of that, the springs will light up at night with a one-of-a-kind holographic experience celebrating Charlesthefirst. A complete list of Sol Sunday’s activities is on their website, along with an application to submit a personal photo of a loved one(s) to be included in the slideshow.

The anticipation for Sol Fest 2022 is huge. Not only for festival-goers but for the group of friends who have been busy behind the scenes for months. Because of all their hard work, I am without a doubt that this first-year festival will succeed. Still not convinced?! Turn on these Road to Sol mixes that are surely persuading enough to buy that ticket. See ya soon Florida!

Are you ready to soak up the sun at Sol Fest 2022?!

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