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It’s time to reflect with Tripleset as he releases his newest single “Nostalgia” this April 1st, through Garage Shared on their Around The World In UKG PT. 2 compilation. The upcoming producer teleports us through the timeline of our lives and unleashes the sentimental moments into a colorful picture. And for a brief moment, Tripleset asks us to reminisce and join him on this “Nostalgia” trip.

Tripleset Nostalgia

This track peeks into the mind of my childhood self I think. It’s fun, playful and upbeat but also has a lo-fi grainy texture, like you’re watching a VHS. I was going for sorta a combination of 4×4 UK Garage and Lofi House.

Tripleset Nostalgia
Photo Credit: KassCaptured

Taking a trip down memory lane with Tripleset.

Immediately, Tripleset guides us down memory lane as we drift through vivid, vibrant pictures of our life surrounding us. While we watch the motion picture play, we begin to slowly get mesmerized by the bouncy and energetic beat in the background. Until we begin to notice the colors in the begin to bubble and dance in sync to the 4×4 beat around us. Tripleset animates the memories in our minds into a kaleidoscopic ballet. And through the chipper vibrations, the “Nostalgia” from the track initiates those touching and hidden significant moments in our lives. Once the song finishes, we can’t help but feel the curves long our lips rise as we reach over to press play again and relive the journey we went on.

Tripleset naturally unlocks those tenders moments that we tend to forget as we continue to grow up. In the end, Tripleset creates a track to perfect for sitting with the homies in the morning as you prepare for the next adventure. And all Tripleset asks from us as we listen to “Nostalgia” is to just enjoy a slice of play through the hardships that come in our lives and to cherish the sweet moments that come and go. Nevertheless, this will be a track you will have on your playlist that you will continuously play to relive those sweet blissful memories again.

Feeling “Nostalgia” again? Continue that exciting feeling with Tripleset below!

Get Nostalgic with Tripleset
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