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Wormhole music label-head Secret Recipe teamed up with fellow Bay Area trio Xotix on a three-track EP called Rabbithole released off Bassrush Records. The hawks have had our eyes peeled on this West Coast scene for some time now and we are ecstatic about this collaborative project.

Between Secret Recipe’s Wormhole Wednesdays and the fire multitude of singles released from Xotix throughout the duration of 2020, you really don’t want to miss out on what’s to come from these dudes. Whatever you have planned for this weekend, make sure falling down the Rabbithole makes the list.

Once upon a time, in a famous story, a girl named Alice got very curious about a little white rabbit that passed by. She followed it and soon found herself falling down to a strange place called Wonderland.

“Rabbithole” leads with the story of Alice in Wonderland and transcends into a bass line build. This entertaining track is laminated with several distinct drops leading us towards our love for the underground.

“Carnival” naturally brings out the adrenaline junkie within.

It’s almost as if we’re headed out to a “Carnival” set in the San Francisco Bay area. I’m talking like cotton candy and clowns, with a twist of West Coast Bass. The centrifugal force melts us with layered chops and projecting bassline frequencies. The build has us eagerly anticipating for this carnival ride to utterly warp us. A quick two-minute heater of this track has the absolute capacity to melt our bodies into rich dubstep.

Let the “Bass Kick”

What the hawks love from both Secret Recipe and Xotix is their capacity to bring back old-school dubstep. The syncopated sound design makes this track a mind-bending package. “Bass Kick” will for sure have you bopping that pretty little head around, with a major mean mug bass face.

Check out the ‘Rabbithole’ EP Here:

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