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Rubayne and singer-songwriter EthanUno have reunited for the third time for “Hear Me Now,” now out via Killabite Media. This emotional single is a tribute to Albert Pan, notably known as Folded Dragons, a close friend to both who passed last year. To honor Pan, the two combined forces to remember everything he did for them and the producer community.

“I owe him a lot musically; as he was a massive inspiration, a hell of a producer, and a great friend,” shared EthanUno “This track is a way of expressing my thank you to him and paying homage to his legacy.”

“‘Hear Me Now’ resembles an ode to a friend who helped and inspired me and many others with his music, knowledge, and kindness,” added Rubayne. “In response to his passing, this song shows my appreciation for every soul he brightened.”

Keeping Pan’s Memory Alive

“Hear Me Now” keeps Pan’s memory alive as soothing atmospheres and washed-out guitar melodies take listeners on a sonic journey. EthanUno’s nimble lyricism tugs at heartstrings, expressing sadness that Pan didn’t understand the massive influence he had on others. Heavenly drops full of bright synths dominate the song during further reflection. The powerful track ends on positive note as EthanUno promises to carry out Pan’s name, saying that he knows that Pan hears him now.

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