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Rome in Silver has long solidified himself as one of the most versatile artists in the game that defines the boxes rather than gets put in a box. A lengthy resume of 5-star tracks that pulls from a myriad of influences true to only him, it’s an incredible delight to follow his creative path. Now he’s here with another masterful remix treat of Biicla’s ‘No Place‘ that further raises the bar.

On an impressive streak this year of top-notch releases on a consistent basis, he’s blazed through this year song after song, livestream set after livestream set. Making two different appearances on our very own Harmony Virtual Festival, the name ‘Rome In Silver’ is rapidly becoming a household name amongst all spectrums of the dance music scene.

His latest official remix of ‘No Place’ is a lush twist with an infectious groove that cements this as a certified bop. Play this at the cookout of your girlfriend’s house while her dad makes comments to her mom about how much he wishes she would’ve stayed with her ex instead of you, or play it on the way to get your COVID-19 vaccine while driving a dangerous 10 miles over the speed limit.

Listen to Rome In Silver’s Remix of Biicla’s ‘No Place’ below.

Featured Image captured by coopshoots

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