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The return of ROBY brings his most melancholic release to date with his new EP Tethers, released February 25th through Tabula Rasa Records. The groundbreaking artist showcases the diversity and new territories of ROBY’s talent. Explore and engage in the sleek and elegance that Tethers has to offer.

ROBY Tethers
3D Render Press: ROBY

Unite and dwell deep into the interface of Tethers

Before we fully engage in the journey that ROBY has for us in Tethers, we must do fully do something first. It is a perfect time to fully dissociate away from your surroundings and allows your mind to wander freely to the melodies and soundscapes. Now you can fully appreciate and experience what you are able to fascinate in.

Tethers is a special project to me all-around. It’s the first project that I had an artist, in this case duhrivative, create artwork for. What he did with the ROBY head was very unique and captures this sense of disarray that I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. Tethers is jumbled, it is a mess and I think the artwork encapsulates my headspace when creating new music perfectly. This is also the first project where I’m using my own voice. ‘Erode’ and ‘Coda’ feel intimate and personal, but then you’re caught off-guard by this crazy, glitchy mess that is ‘Acaena’.



To start us off in our journey, “Erode” brings us into this somber and embracing space. And to draw us into this brand new territory we are encompassed with ROBY’s vocals. Now further dwelling into the unknown with mesmerizing words, we find ourselves drifting. Our bodies are no longer under our control as we allow the drums and pianos to take us away. “Erode” shelters us into this realm of loosening our minds to explore the limitless possibilities that are out there.


Now, with our minds fully accepting the abundance around us, “Coda” can elevate the experience of serenity. This time, ROBY brings an intoxicating and uplifting transition. Through his cinematic harmonies and engrossing percussion, we are now blooming. With the inner light in our spirits now shimmering through the shadows and mist, we can now guide ourselves to high limitations. Finally awakening the kindred spirit that lies within us, “Coda” reveals it to us.


To conclude, the EP brings us “Acaena,” the cathartic conclusion to our journey. After obtaining the inner light, there is nothing to fear. As we continuously fight through the complexities of our lives, ROBY showcases his own complexities through his production. The glitchy, rattling, and jumbling percussions and elements, bring us this beautiful mess of melodies. “Acaena” reveals to us that through all the mess there is still beauty out there. Despite all the heaviness in the world, we can still fight through it and find the light in everything.

I’m really proud of what Tethers evolved into. I feel like it’s a more personal project and one that represents me the most out of everything I’ve done with ROBY so far.

ROBY Tethers Cover Art
EP artwork designed by duhrivative

Tethers is just the endless beginning for ROBY

Nonetheless, ROBY brings out so much sophisticated talent in everything he releases. While always continuously evolving in each release that he has done for Tabula Rasa Records so far, ROBY extends to gain the attention of everyone. In just a short amount of time, ROBY has made his mark, as he maintains to always surprise us with each release. Naturally, ROBY will become that household name, you don’t want to miss out on. Surely, we will continue to have our eyes on whatever he has in store for us next!

Join in on Tethers connection and listen below!

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