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Vocalist powerhouse RIELL has graced our ears with an amazing slew of singles this year, constantly delivering one hit after another. Fresh off her explosive collaboration “Daylight” with Heuse and WOLFHOWL, RIELL is back with another heater. To tease listeners on her forthcoming debut album PARADISE, RIELL is preparing our auditory palette with “Over the Edge.”

Featuring Canadian artist and rapper Conch, “Over The Edge” breathes life into instrumentals to produce a heavenly dream-pop anthem. Produced by Father Bobby Townsend, “Over the Edge” is populated with tasteful sonics that perfectly integrate with RIELL’s vibrant voice. Conch’s flows and bars offer a satisfying break from the energy of the single, while RIELL returns for one last hook to conclude with a stunning vocal performance towards the song’s final climax. 

RIELL’s upcoming PARADISE album is slated to release this autumn, although a solid release date is yet to be confirmed. Fingers crossed that we’ll be graced with some more tunes until that day comes. You can listen to “Over The Edge” on streaming platforms here.

Listen to “Over the Edge” by RIELL and Conch below, and support your favorite creatives:

“‘Over the Edge’ is about the moment when time seems to slow down right before everything explodes.” -RIELL

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