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Earlier in the year, the return of Pretty Lights sent the whole electronic world into a spiral. After having to wait a bit longer for details, we have gotten the official announcement for The Caverns event. Originally the Soundship Soundsystem tour had The Caverns date scheduled for two days but now something more significant is in order for the Pretty Lights family. Instead, a lot more festivities are to be had at the legendary venue for this three-day special event!

The support is unsurprisingly stacked to the brim and the lineup speaks for itself. Since we get a special treat of three days of PL, we wanted to share three things we are most excited to see.

Pretty Lights - The Caverns Lineup Details

The Openers:

Pretty Lights brings a carefully curated lineup both from within his circle as well as uprising talent. Acts like Thought Process, who has been rapidly rising in the past couple of years. To Motifv, who has been making moves within the Philos Family and also continuously stunning the crowds with their performances. And lastly, Marvel Years, who continues to make strides in keeping the spirit from the classic Pretty Lights days alive.

The Undercard:

Naturally, if you are wanting to escape away from the cave, you will also get to experience the wonders from above the venue. Mantra Sounds is about to bring the dark hypnotic energy from above the cave. Zen Selekta will be bringing her universal sonic waves into the atmosphere. And we can’t help but be around some good electro-soul melodies and hot like sauce vibrations with the incredible Eliptek above the cave.

The Man Himself:

With the return of Pretty Lights coming sooner than ever, we are going to be counting our wishes to hear our favorite tracks. “More Important Than Michael Jordan,” “Maybe Tomorrow,” and “I Can See It In Your Face” top our list. No matter what, we are just excited to see the beauty of a Pretty Lights performance again!

We can’t wait to dance in the dark with Pretty Lights family at The Caverns!

The event truly is capturing a very special moment for everyone involved. Whether that is witnessing the stunning visuals from the legends The Lazershark and Glass Crane or seeing the love on the faces of the artists who have been so inspired by Pretty Lights. As advertised, just “Come and Watch the Pretty Lights” with your friends and the whole crew that is preparing to unleash a one-of-a-kind adventure!

Prepare and plan with your Pretty Lights family before tickets go on sale on Friday, July 28th at 10 am CT. This special event appears to showcase a more elevated experience of staying at The Caverns. There will be limited on-site camping, yurts, and RV spots as add-ons for 3-Day pass buyers. Naturally, Pretty Lights is bringing a unique experience for anyone that wants to partake. And we truly can’t wait to see how it all unfolds as we near closer to the return of Pretty Lights!

Visit here for important ticketing and event information.

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