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Time to escape into galaxies and ethereal landscapes with Auracle as she makes her debut with the sonic odyssey that is Evoke, released on July 21st. Formerly known as TINY, this artist makes a significant introduction to the electronic scene with her new persona and project. Recently joining the Mind Warp Management roster, Auracle is showing that she is ready to make an everlasting impact on the bass music environment.

Before you escape into this celestial atmosphere, journey through this exclusive interview with Auracle!

Auracle 'Evoke' Cover Art
Cover Art: Hannah Selene

Auracle guides us into the spiritual outbacks of Evoke!

Immediately, Auracle envelopes us in the mystical and celestial world she comes from. She guides us through the valleys with welcoming arms as we hear the soft chimes and hymns in the background. “Star Atlas” illuminates the spiritual aspects, with the pulsating vibrations of the bassline meshing with the whimsical, airy atmosphere and distorted reality. Auracle captures the breaths that escape our bodies and gathers them into crystallizing elements that re-energize the sensual spirits around us. And through all the howls of the evening, we finally align into the spiritual dimension. “Star Atlas” brings the metallic chromatic elements from the synths and the divine soundscapes. It allows us to fall into a new stage of harmony for what is upon us.

Now with our full attention on Auracle, it becomes time to spill into our consciousness and feel the pulsating electricity. “Metamorphic” collapses into a soothing and hypnotic melody that morphs our perception—slowly allowing us to gravitate towards this new soft atmosphere that Auracle embodies. She grabs hold of the electricity that swarms us and leads it into a melodic dance. Gradually we begin to see her transformation of becoming one with the desert fairies that roam around this world. Through all the kaleidoscopic and intensifying vibrations, we feel the cosmic surge course through our body while our new spiritual self begins to ease with tranquility.

And before we return to our reality, Auracle has a final message for us.

Then the melodic introduction of “Tabula Rasa, with the shimmering plucks in the background, softly glides through the atmosphere. The strumming sends chills that raise the hairs along our arms. And eventually, Auracles accompanies us with her faint, daunting vocals. As we walk through the iridescent grounds, Auracle reveals a more vulnerable side for us to witness. Through the emotional state, a sudden rush of chromatic flutters fill the environment around us. From the flutters, we feel the roaring bass send magnetizing waves through our system as the aura within us begins to recharge. Once everything settles, we shift our heads and watch the glistening behind Auracla as she gives a warming smile before she vanishes back to her dimension.

Naturally, through all the ascending and descending, Auracle brings an astonishing introduction to her world. Evoke captures the full elements of transcending into a better version of yourself. Auracle gives the audience a chance to release and fully accept the new path they are destined for. While some obstacles may come along the journey, the EP gives the listener a sense of serenity and unity with their life again. Whether you are longing for a reason to escape or want to gain a frame of relaxation, Auracle gives you the perfect guide with Evoke.

Auracle Press
Photo Credit: Tessa Paisan

seradopa: First off, it’s incredible to watch the transformation feel so seamless from your TINY alias to the new Auracle project. From a fairly quiet beginning of 2023, what is the origin story of how Auracle came to be? What were the emotions and decisions that came with rebranding the project?

Auracle: Thank you! I feel very blessed with how naturally this transition flows, and for all the support I’ve received. Rebranding felt crucial because TINY was no longer serving a purpose for me. It was really just a nickname given to me a long time ago. I’ve grown immensely as a person and artist since then.

seradopa: What emotions were rushing through you as you were getting ready to announce your rebrand?

Auracle: Excitement first and foremost. I was also nervous, as I am with a lot of things, but I was mostly just ready to dive in!

seradopa: You mention that this rebrand with Auracle gives you the opportunity to reflect on your most authentic self. What does that entirely mean for your audience? Is there something different that the Auracle brand does for your identity differently than your original TINY alias?

Auracle: I was still finding myself during my TINY era. I think it can take a lifetime to fully complete that process, but I know I am much closer to coming into my own. I feel that my Auracle releases will convey that spiritually and energetically.

Auricle press

seradopa: You’re already starting strong with recently being a signee with Mind Warp Management. How did that come into motion, and how supportive have they become with believing this new project for you?

Auracle: I am elated to be working with Mind Warp. Their vision and passion for their music and artists… is a great feeling! Tank reached out to me one day for a Zoom call and then another with the team, and the rest is history. (Shoutout, Britt, for all your help thus far!)

seradopa: For everyone that is going to be listening to your new EP, what is one word to describe Evoke?

Auracle: Transcending.

seradopa: Your debut EP with the project takes the listener through a very divine and transcending adventure. What were your inspirations when crafting this EP, and what are some underlying meanings behind each song?

Auracle: Exactly! This EP and “Star Atlas” specifically were inspired by a camping trip I took in the desert and the experience I had there. When you listen to “Star Atlas,” close your eyes and relax. I incorporated elements that will take you on a journey like the one I went on. 

“Tabula Rasa” is so important to me—every word with intention. I feel like anyone going through a difficult period in their life can relate, whether it be the loss of a loved one, coming out to their families, hitting rock bottom, or whatever it may be.

“It is important to take a step back and remember where you came from, and once you do that, look at how far you’ve come and understand that you still have so far to go. This is not the end.”

Auracle press photo
Photo Credit: Tessa Paisan

seradopa: What values do you hope to still have as you grow with the Auracle brand and as an artist?

Auracle: Staying true to myself and others. Also, understanding that being different is a beautiful thing and it just means that you have more to bring to the table.

seradopa: And for all the future desert fairies that will follow this new journey, can you hint at what we can expect from you in the future?

Auracle: I will be sharing many sides of myself, sonically and personally, as we embark on this journey together. Keep an eye out, my desert fairies!

Nonetheless, Auracle makes an important imprint on the scene with her debut, from all the stunning and divine care of attention to her sound. She crafts a beautiful expedition for us to explore with her and gives us the opportunity to learn more about her. Through everything, if we were to make a divination about her outlook, Auracle definitely would have a place on our radar to continue watching what she does next. The divine desert fairy queen has captured our attention for the foreseeable future.

Time to escape into the divine world of Auracle and Evoke below!

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