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Shadow House.  That’s it, that’s all I wanted to say.  In fact, stop reading this, go listen to Cryptic Shadow’s new EP and you’ll understand what I mean.

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Venezuelan-born Carmelo Borrego is launching his new project, Cryptic Shadow, with quite the statement after releasing his hypnotizing three-track EP, “Body.”

Previously producing under the alias Kharmelo, Borrego has fully rebranded as Cryptic Shadow, with a deeper, house-centered sound.

The EP dropped on Friday, 12/13, and I have been hooked since my first listen.  The groove in each of the songs on the EP is irresistible. And while I’d say each track falls under the tech/deep house genre, they each have a different feel from the next, keeping you entertained as you listen through the EP.

On my first listen, I was nodding my head and enjoying the intro to “Alone,” but the moment I heard those vocals come in over the bass plucks in the first verse, I literally sat up in my seat out of excitement.  The impressive track that leads the EP has a catchy rhythm throughout the drop. This, paired with those passionate vocals in each verse, will have you singing along and dancing instantly.

The sexy, title track off the EP, “Body,” has a mysterious theme in the verses thanks to gorgeous atmospheric elements, layered with some stunning female vocals.  The drop features this wobbly, filtered bass which sets the rhythm right from the jump.  The second drop features some tech house-style synths and keeps it just as fresh as the first.

The final song “2 Steps Back,” closes the EP in incredibly strong fashion.  The track has much more of a tech-house feel to it — courtesy of the synths, rolling bass line, and vocal selection. This one is going to be getting some love in clubs throughout the rest of 2019 and into next year.

Cryptic Shadow

Keep an eye out for the next Cryptic Shadow release, coming early 2020 on Kyle Watson’s “Box Of Cats” label.

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