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Pat Lok teams up with Australian singer Thandi Phoenix to create his newest groovy beat, “Freefall.” He is proud to present this as the lead single for his forthcoming EP, Gone is Yesterday.

“Freefall” is an enticing work of art that effectively displays the astounding production skill of Pat Lok. His signature blend of futuristic funk, soul, classic house, and R&B is what makes his sound a genre of its own. In “Freefall,” a rhythmically pulsing intro leads into Phoenix’s hypnotic vocals that ebb and flow with the tantalizing melody. Throughout the tune, Pat Lok throws in unique percussive samples that elevate it to a whole new level.

Pat Lok comments on the beginnings of his newest release,

When we first wrote ‘Freefall’ it started on a different vibe, Thandi and I were feeling a slower, almost dance hall type track,”

– Pat Lok

In 2019, his funky 7 track “Corazone” went along with a thoughtful short film designed by Pat Lok himself. Similarly, the Gone is Yesterday EP will be accompanied by a short film in video game format. Furthermore, in this work, he hopes to to capture some of what has inspired and shaped him to be the multi-talented creative that he is today. Pat Lok truly strives to create a deeper connection with his audience, integrating elements from his cultural upbringing. Unquestionably, in everything he creates, he displays his true, authentic self.

Pat Lok has truly blown us away with the many beautiful beats he has presented in recent years. Without a doubt, “Freefall” is an incredible kickstart to the Gone is Yesterday EP. The rest of this EP is set to drop later this year, and we are beyond excited to hear everything it beholds.

Listen to “Freefall” below, and stay tuned for even more groovy goodness from Pat Lok.

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