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We’re stoked to present the exclusive premiere of “Neon Rave” by Achilles! Although the single will be available on all streaming platforms tomorrow, we’re here to give you the first listen a full day in advance. No masks or gloves needed here, you can listen to this heater from the safety of your own living room. Releasing on Nightenjin record label, he brings us the fun and happy vibes with this new banger.

This high paced track is sure to keep you smiling…. with an occasional bass face here and there. Starting with a classic video game melody that intertwines with deeper subtle notes, it gives you a playful first impression. But it seems first impressions can sometimes be misleading. Because next thing you know, you’re going through a tunnel of fist-pumping, clean sounding bass lines that will have you boppin’ n thottin’ all over your house.

Achilles sound design is very *chef’s kiss* and this track exemplifies that. From the fun vintage Game Boy sounds to a shuffling workout, to the surprise hard trap drop that no one saw coming, this track has something for everyone.

Listen to the exclusive premiere of “Neon Rave” by Achilles below!

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