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Overmono had a breakthrough year in 2021, dominating the scene with their top-of-the-mark releases. Their track, “So U Kno“, was highly acclaimed by multiple media outlets as “Track of the Year”. The duo also received massive praise on their dual-sided EP, “Diamond Cut / Bby“, featuring two tunes with cutting breaks, both conveying their own unique feel. Furthermore, they picked up the award of “Best Live Act” from DJ Mag and released a jaw-dropping mix for London’s Fabric.

Now, the Russell Brothers, the brains behind Overmono, are here with an early contender for the 2022 release of the year with Cash Romantic. After starting the year off strong by headlining the sold-out York Hall in London, Overmono is continuing its momentum with this release. The five-song EP expresses various moods across multiple genres and highlights the duo’s impressive talent and versatility. It is truly spectacular.

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The five-track collection is set to electrify dance floors, festivals, and living rooms throughout the year.

This EP is can be listened to in any setting. From the upbeat dancefloor tone of “Gunk” to the soothing lullaby that is “Gfortune”, the versatility is lovely. The duo touches on a number of styles and genres through Cash Romantic. Inspired by a box of old tapes that the brothers found as kids, the creativity and uniqueness of the duo shine.

We found this box of old tapes we’d recorded when we were kids where we’d basically try and mashup old records of our parents with whatever records we were buying at the time… The tapes are a proper mess but there was always something about trying to get two totally different worlds to collide that stuck with us.

– Overmono on Cash Romantic

The title track, “Cash Romantic” kicks off the EP with some intense breaks. This is reminiscent of more old-school 90’s dancefloor vibes. A hypnotizing melody floats above the frantic drums, while some vocals gently find their way into the mix, making for an overall lovely track. Later on in the EP, we get to “Gfortune”. It is a change of pace from the first track, as the duo successfully trek down the ambient/downtempo route. The closing track “Phosycon”, has a similar mood. With a little more liveliness, this track simply melts over us in a beautiful fashion.

“Bone Mics” and “Gunk” are a display of euphoria, as each of these beautiful tracks highlights the duo’s talents to the max.

“Gunk”, which was released a few weeks earlier, is a euphoric track fit for dancefloors across the globe. With its striking beat pattern, and lovely vocals delicately following along, this is a truly beautiful track. The second drop seems to teleport you into a nightclub, surrounded by bliss.

The second to last track, “Bone Mics” is probably my favorite track on the whole EP (a tough choice to make). It has that break/UKG beat to it, similar to other Overmono hits. The track is beautiful from the get-go. With smooth bassline riding underneath the crisp percussions, and chopped-up vocals layered on top. The muffled and distorted tone of the track gives flashbacks to “So U Know”. After the first section, the track slows down a bit and opens up. It is a beautiful bit of space that gives room for our minds to wander, as we wait in awe for what’s next. Then, the track drops into a blissful bit of bass and breaks. The feeling of euphoria, moving freely, just feeling yourself washes over the listener. Clearly, this track had an impact. “Bone Mics” is truly a wonderful tune that deserves all the praise.

As a whole, this EP is a dynamic expression from the brothers. Using tapes that they scraped together as children and revamping them into this is marvelous and inspiring. With the duo playing at Movement Detroit over Memorial Day Weekend, we can only hope for them to add more US tour dates in the near future. Until then, enjoy.

Listen to Cash Romantic, out now:

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