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Omar Basaad just reminded me that I’m longing for love through a progressive house song. Who knew. If you’re looking for a feel-good, smooth house track, “Without You” is the one. The vocals glide through the production like a wave in the ocean, and you get the mounting build that house heads love so much as the song crescendos into the air. 

I don’t know about you, but 2020 has been the year of house and techno for me. Not that I didn’t put respect on house’s NAME before now, but there has been a particular influx of house releases I’ve fallen in love with. This track being one of them. The pulse of house songs is like no other, and “Without You” makes you want to shuffle with your significant other as you lipsync the words messily over your fourth glass of wine. The drops never mount too high, giving you enough energy to dance through the song, but with refined sophistication. 

If you don’t already know Omar Basaad, he is the first Saudi Arabian producer to play Tomorrowland, and the head hauncho at Coexist Records. He released his first remix in 2008 with Tarkan, no amateur to the production game. Ever since then he’s been cranking out singles and EPs, all with personalities of their own but one common thread – the way he is able to weave in dreamy vocals with shadowy house beats that could keep you dancing all night. 

Grab your shuffle partner, or yourself, slide onto the floor and get your body movin’ to “Without You” below. 

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