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There’s no longer a debate about when drum n’ bass will be big in the states anymore. Now blowing up into the mainstream scene, you’d be hard-pressed to go to a show without hearing a tune at 170 bpm. The North Quarter is one of the top labels in the scene right now. Led by the superb Lenzman, TNQ drops consistent heat, usually leaning on the liquid/soulful side. Their latest compilation, NQ State of Mind Vol. 2 is no different. Jam-packed with talented artists, this latest release is a highlight of how impressive this label really is.

The North Quarter

The selection by The North Quarter is a testament to the ears of those in charge.

Featuring a myriad of great artists, there is no shortage of talent on this compilation. A beautiful GLXY remix of FD‘s “Lie To You” kicks us off. The album also features a wonderful SATL remix along with his original track, “Danzig.” There are also tunes from Echo Brown, Lenzman and more. All of these artists have massive releases under their belt. Echo Brown, American producer, is one of my favorites right now. He blew us away with his release on 1985 Music‘s, Atlas/1 compilation, “Clarity.” His tune “Deep Thinker” highlights his deep (no pun intended) style, while also incorporating smooth, inspiring melodies.

Redeyes and Lenzman combined to produce a fun and uplifting tune in “Hold Tight Girl.” The smooth lyrics along with a catchy rhythm make it hard not to dance along. Channell‘s “Intrique” is a relaxing ride, painting images of sitting in a café on a cloudy morning. Towards the end, there is a change in pace, with Submotive‘s “Rubber Arm,” showing off a more ominous and minimal style.

All in all, every song on this compilation is impressive in its own right. The legend Zero T crushed it on “In My Ear,” as did Note with “Affirmative Action.” One specifically sticks out as a favorite when I replay this album: Visages‘ remix of Redeyes and KSR‘s collaboration, “A Thousand Times.” It is a fantastic take on the original, which is amazing on its own. The Toulouse-based group gave it a deeper, more uplifting spin. They maintained the beauty of the original, while giving it a brand new form. With an inspiring intro leading into a engulfing drop, this tune is the perfect soundtrack for a sunny day. This song vibrates the room. Its massive bass, underscored by the beautiful melody makes it the perfect tune.

Listen to NQ State of Mind Vol 2. out now.

I cannot stress enough how good this is. If you are a fan of drum n’ bass, or just looking to get more into the genre, do not sleep on this. Every North Quarter release is fantastic, and this one holds true to that trend.

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