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Creepy and spine-tingling, MVSKA’s latest release ‘Spore‘ is a fiery jab at the underground world of bass music. Kicking off with an ominous melody of synths and trap drums, the atmosphere quickly shifts and pivots into a hair-raising build-up and lets loose a volley of cannon 808s and fires off rounds of arpeggiated synths that gets the party started.

Cheyanne MVSKA is an ICON Collective student that resides in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and has quietly been grinding away in the scene to craft her sound and sharpen her production skills for the last 5 years. Her last EP, ‘Gravedigger‘, turned some of our heads with the absolutely slamming title track, and officially raised her own bar to keep pursuing the next level.

When writing music, I like for each track to have a theme of some sort and this specific song was built around the feeling of being in a dark, murky forest, hence the name ‘Spore’. – MVSKA

Liston to MVSKA – Spore below.

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Dariel Leiva

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