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Welcome into the sweet dream with the newest addition to the Moving Castle roster, meesh with her newest single “The One.” Now showcasing her electric and contagious energy within her own project. After a few years since her “More Than Friends” single, meesh is back to take us on an adventure. Hope you are ready to enter a dreamland!

meesh the one
Photo Credit: Leonard Lee

Bubbly and sensational experience from meesh

Previously, meesh found herself involved in different projects with Anamanaguchi in the past and also being featured in Flux Pavilion‘s album earlier this year. Her contagious and bubbly persona brings out the signature sweetheart vocals in her own personal project!

Immediately, “The One” builds this playful and electric environment. A welcoming invitation to this sparkling dreamland. From the iconic production of Ary and Peter of Anamanaguchi – you fall into the vibrant chiptune style of the track. You can’t help yourself from the upward curves forming along your lips perking as you drift along to the melodies. Naturally, meesh’s vocals catch your attention through her heavenly and fun personality throughout the track.

“The One” will bring out that youthful and carefree emotions from inside. While you play the track, the environment around you will transform into the whimsical world of meesh. As a result, you will be surrounded by clouds, bubbles, hearts, and just that everlasting feeling of love.

Continuing to electrify the world around her

As meesh continues to push through the boundaries, this doesn’t appear to be the stopping point for her. Already having played a sold-out Webster Hall show with the band earlier, the possibilities for meesh continue to ascend. As a result of her signing to Moving Castle, there is a promise of more meesh music for the remainder of the year and also into early next. So far, the brilliant talent brings these luscious and hypnotizing soundscapes with “The One.” Whatever she has coming up next will continue to entice us.

Go find “The One” with meesh and fall in a sweet dream below!

Cover art for “The One” designed by ghost dad.

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