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The Orlando-based bass queen, Lucii, is back at it again; this time teaming up with DirtySnatcha for their new single “I Need Your High” via Wakaan. After her last release, Neptune (acoustic), it’s clear Lucii’s diverse sounds will become a staple in the industry.

“I Need Your High” starts out soft and sweet with Lucii’s unique vocals, then the first drop sends us on a journey through time and bass. Through the bridge, Lucii and DirtySnatcha fill your speakers with melodic bass, while the vocals of “I Need Your High” overlap. The last portion of the song gives an inevitable bass-face vibe that will boom throughout any room.

While the song has so much substance already, the deeper meaning is what really makes this a banger.

I Need Your High’ is walking through the emotional process of falling in love. We’ve all been in love and know the highs and lows that coincide. In going through that, I felt like it was important to convey to people that they aren’t alone.  It’s so emotional that it almost makes us feel insane and then we start to question things. It’s better to have loved and lost than not loved at all!


Listen to Lucii’s “I Need Your High” featuring DirtySnatcha here:

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