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Anointed Ramen God and producer Lick astounds with his new flip of the masterful Excision x Illenium collab “Gold (Stupid Love)”. He takes a song already known for its genre-blending down a darker, more energetic path straight out of his Dark Vibe Order handbook. It’s the perfect jam to listen to with your friends (over facetime) or by yourself in these novel times.

Excision and Illenium both have been an inspiration to me ever since I started music. Really happy it’s out now! Enjoy!


The original “Gold (Stupid Love)” was the brainchild of Illenium and Excision. Melodic dubstep had been around in the scene for a while but this track really brought it to the forefront of the bass world. Opening with simple chord progressions and an dub kick reminiscent of old-school Excision, the original set an amazing tone. Quickly picking up the pace into oscillating drop sequences, as well as incorporating beautiful vocals, “Gold (Stupid Love)” was everything we expected from Excision and Illenium joining forces.

Once Lick got his hands on this track, the whole atmosphere changed. While he retains many of the chord progressions, they are needed to relax from the tension building drops he produced. Lick’s signature sound is on full display here. Every drop takes the listener all over the place with quick melodies, mechanical effects, and reversals, all the while delivering big energy. In conclusion, you 100% do NOT want to sleep on this track.

Listen/Stream Excision x Illenium “Gold (Stupid Love)” (Lick Flip)

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