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Your favorite meal on Sundays, Brunch, just dropped a heater of a track “Poached.”

Brunch is no stranger to the trap music scene, however, this track has more dubstep elements in it than meets the eye. So grab your mimosa and let’s go through this track! The intro of Poached begins with chimes combined with the eerie background noise gradually going into the buildup. One of the biggest elements in this song is those sweet sliced vocal chops you can hear from the buildup to the drop. The drop is a basshead’s dream. The bass is so silky smooth combined with the trap horns and vocals. The song just makes your neck crack like an egg.

If you haven’t heard of Brunch yet… well, you’re in for a treat. He has recently released the trap banger “Scrambled.” And if you’re looking for more Brunch, he also released a guest mix on Electric Hawk Radio

Brunch is a part of a movement that is bringing trap music back into the EDM scene again and we cannot wait for what this young man does next.

Listen to “Poached” by Brunch below!

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