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The incognito artist, 13, erupts from the shadows with the perfect soundtrack to the end of the world- “Armageddon”!

13 starts it off with blood-curdling vocals and sinister kicks, “Armageddon” will make the hairs on your body stand up.

This wicked feeling is amplified with sirens that can only mean one thing: The Apocalypse. Earthy and dark undertones resonate throughout the entirety of the track. Despite the ominous nature of 13’s composition, the drums form and almost catchy heartbeat that reel the listener in. His unique sound-design is ever-present through every second of this track, showcasing his eerie, yet talented producing skills.

The Mau5trap-signed artist has long been making a name for himself as a driving force in dance music. From receiving praise from legend Deadmau5, to working and touring with powerhouse artist Rezz, 13 comes to, once again, pull you into the darkness.

Listen to “Armageddon” here!

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