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Leaving a trail of flames behind him this year, Laika Beats continues to blaze through with a new tour, new mix, and his latest banger, ‘Merry Jane’.

Colorado native Josh Thompson, aka Laika Beats, seems to quite literally be ‘Unstoppable‘ with a flurry of significant career moves this year. Laika has been steadily dropping heaps of music incredibly well-saturated with his original sound that we love, and now he’s also going on tour with some OGs this Fall, Emalkay and Thelem.

Emalkay Dark Places Tour Merry Jane
Dark Places Tour

The latest mix from Laika Beats also happens to be a massive guest mix on Electric Hawk Radio, comprised of an unreal amount of unreleased originals that will have your head spinning.

The latest release from this bass-bending beast begins with a teasing melody that lets you know this ‘Merry Jane‘ track is absolutely up to no good, and the track marches onward with swagger and style, teasing his signature synths that scratch away at the membrane, wreaking havoc and raging through everything with a smoking trail of 808s.

Listen to Laika Beats – Merry Jane below.



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