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Some of the most influential innovators in our scene have joined forces to cultivate the new standard of artist management groups. Kompass Music Group is the brainchild of Jay Rogovin, Blake Coppelson, Jade Gaines, and Alec Donkin. A power-house team ready to reimagine the typical definition of artist management.

Alec Donkin, Jay Rogovin, Jade Gaines

Meet The New Industry Standard

Kompass Music Group announced its launch today, and it honestly feels like a breath of fresh air. This artist management group begins its journey already headed by some of the game’s most established and respected managers. As well as a roster of 23 artists across genres. Kompass has also brought on community service providers from 4 o’clock Consulting. A group made up of Dance Safe and Good Night Out. Both Dance Safe and Good Night Out have made huge impacts on the music scene and promote health, safety, and harm-reduction within dance culture.

Kompass has shown me exactly what kind of magic can happen when your team is fully in sync. They prioritize the artists’ vision above everything else. It has given me an entirely new perspective on what it means to have amazing management backing you up.

Of The Trees

Kompass Music Group plans to create a company that addresses the subjects that are typically pushed under the rug because they make people “uncomfortable” or are seen as something that “isn’t that important.”

To support the mental health of artists and artists managers, healthy boundaries and resources will be provided by Kompass. They also plan to establish new norms for health and safety with inclusion incentives and provide risk reduction education and training. They also plan to reduce the environmental impact of their artist’s tours in any way possible. Then finally, they want to spread this influence by connecting patrons with skill-building opportunities.

We know reading through this feels like a lot to take in, but it’s refreshing to see a group of individuals noticing the blatant flaws in our industry and making moves to detect these, raise awareness and improve upon them. It’s also comforting to see some of our favorite artists on this team, knowing that fans are supporting someone with good intentions that’s back by a team that has not only the artist’s best interest in mind but also the fans.

Check out Kompass Music Groups full staff and artist lineup below!

Jay Rogovin – Co-Founder / Manager
Blake Coppelson – Co-Founder / Manager
Jade Gaines – Co-Founder / Manager
Alec Donkin – Co-Founder / Manager
David Kissinger – Manager
David Giovannini – Manager
Emma Windsor – Manager
Becky Carriel – Management Assistant

Chemical Surf
G Jones
Lab Group
Of The Trees
Vintage Culture

The team behind Kompass has become a family to me since I began working with Jay. I can’t wait to see the impact that this new endeavor has on the community, specifically the integration of prioritizing harm reduction and mental health practices into our music scene. I’m honored to work alongside such an amazing group of artists as well. :purple_heart:


Keep up with Kompass Music Group and all their artists!
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