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Inspect3r presents a new EP, Stuck in Motion out on January 24. This underground U.S. DJ teleports us to these deep, intense sounds, inviting us to turn up the volume and feel the rumbling bass. This EP is a bit different from his last 2022 release, Bop Socket, coming in at full volume with these powerful, thunderous songs. Inspect3r invites you to get Stuck in Motion by making moves and turning up the bass.

Inspect3r at Sound Haven music festival
Inspect3r, captured by Joey Lugo

Shaking things up left and right

First up is “Stuck in Motion,” quickly leaving you wanting more in the first few seconds. This track brings you mysterious beats and a quick tempo that all work together to transport you into the darkness. Consider this your invitation to dim the lights and blast this song (preferably with a nice speaker and lots of bass).

Next on the EP is “Agitated.” Inspect3r invites us to feel the walls of the beat through this song’s up-and-down distortion. Immediately, the intro hooks you in with its mysterious and wave-y atmosphere. The synth is energetic, intense, and warm – all in one.

Finally my personal favorite, “Fallen Angel,” slows it down with some lyrical elements that make you want to move your body to the motion. The feel-good intro is followed up with a fluttering rhythmic bass line. The lyrics tie it all together with a striking luminous illusion, filling your speakers with summer-time vibes. In fact, you should grab a friend, find a rooftop, and dance to this song during a beautiful sunset.

Just like his work before this, we have this turned up as loudly as possible, whenever possible. Not to mention, Inspect3r has had listeners in motion live at festivals Submersion and Sound Haven. Here’s hoping that that list gets longer very soon.

Do you accept this invitation to get Stuck In Motion with Inspect3r?

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