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We have reached our next destination with Insowmya into her newest single “klangcity,” released on March 30th through Partica Artist Group. The rising talent fuses a multitude of different genres from breakbeat, trap, and bass into an energizing gem. As a result, Insowmya unleashes a never-been-heard-before beat that will leave you craving for more.

Insowmya Klangcity artwork

The kind of music I make is a result of various [other] styles that don’t fall into any particular genre, striving to incorporate various elements from my influences into my own compositions, that usually ends up resulting in something completely different from what I had hoped to originally achieve. I aspire to work on many other different genres and inspire people to look deeper into different styles of music.

– Insowmya
Insowmya Press Photo

Welcome to the wonderful “klangcity!”

Immediately, Insowmya teleports us into the center of “klangcity” as we are surrounded by shakes and clangs to set the scene. Meanwhile, Insowmya guides us through into the bouncy bass and intricate synths until we slowly become twisted by the luscious, metallic drop. Our bodies reflect the vibrations, and we fully express ourselves in the most animated way. Then, we are given a brief moment to unwind and feel the flutters crawl along our skin until we reach the last half; another chance to unleash the remaining chaotic energy through the rattling, springy production.

“klangcity” becomes this statement piece that surrenders all our wild sides. Furthermore, “klangcity” displays the vibrant complexities of a gleaming treasure. Naturally, Insowmya brings us an intoxicating track that spellbinds us to its rhythm. A brand new track you will continuously play wherever you go, keeping the tempo up and the night lively.

The road doesn’t stop at “klangcity” for Insowmya!

Nevertheless, this is only the beginning for the innovative beatmaker. Her momentum continues to grow, already having the attention of SUS Collective at the end of last year and getting praises from the Partica leaders Runnit and Gurf. She is breaking all the barriers of limitations as she unveils all the combinations of different elements in each genre into something refreshing. Insowmya’s creative mind can never be held into a singular style. In the end, the future for the artist astonishes and inspires anyone around her. Nonetheless, Insowmya will become your next favorite artist, and she will stay on your radar for the rest of 2022!

Catch some sightseeing with Insowmya at “klangcity” below!

Travel with Insowmya
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