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Homemade Spaceship and VibeSquaD both have more talent in their right hand than most of us do in our whole bodies. Now imagine that energy coming together on a track. Now imagine that track being called “Pockets.” Finally, imagine that track is out NOW, and you’re streaming it as we speak. 😳 Equal parts funky wonks and deep dirty dubs, “Pockets” is truly a track for the people.

Rob Levere of Homemade Spaceship and Aaron Holstein of VibeSquaD are both multi-instrumentalists and genre-mashing masterminds. The stars aligned when these two decided to collab while at the KMG Life studio, where they both taught production courses. With sounds that merge effortlessly, this pairing feels like a no-brainer.

As soon as this intro hits, you’ll be hooked *turns volume up five notches.* Wasting no time, we find ourselves lost in the deep sauce of this drop. Sections of intricate breaks and chops accompany all the low-end goodness. The energy stays up as the second half of this track is more ridiculous than the first. With pulsating bass, funky rhythmic drums, and an overall groovy flow, “Pockets” has us shaking and throwing all of our unmentionables.

Join the fun and stream Electric Hawk’s premiere of “Pockets” here

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