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What better way to immerse yourself in the chill October atmosphere than a new EP, entitled Diaries, from goopsteppa? Although the EP was released in full today, Diaries is a culmination of music created between 2015 to 2019.

Speaking on the background of the EP, goopsteppa wrote,

Only played out on specific occasions due to their very smooth nature, I had kept these on the side. Each track reminds me of specific times, and a lot of them were pieces that really helped soothe me, carry me through the different motions of life. Looking back on all the music I’ve written, I can remember the stories I’ve experienced in this lifetime, so much is contained in each song… The name diaries seemed appropriate for this collection in honour of that.

– goopsteppa

Before we go any further, let’s just say that the timing of this EP was no coincidence. And while it’s up to the listeners discretion, we think it would pair nicely with a drive through a misty forest or a rainy morning in bed, cup of coffee in hand. Regardless of where you listen, this work of art deserves your undivided attention in front-to-back format.

Wasting no time, “Just So You Know” introduces the tone of the EP.

Featuring Scoutskey, the two create the perfect juxtaposition; the gooey, downtempo goodness goopsteppa is known best for gives an earthy, raw feeling to the track, while ethereal vocals atop the bassline bring a fleeting surreal sensation. Followed directly by “Crema,” this song is silky smooth with jazz elements, encompassing the feeling inside a bustling café. Preceding the full EP, both “Just So You Know” and “Crema” were released as singles, specifically on the fall and winter equinox. Anyone notice a trend here?

Next, “Butterflies For A Night” enters stage left with an ensemble of drifting lofi melodies. With two collaborations to wrap up the EP as the cherry on top, “Mt. Rose” features the beloved CharlestheFirst, each producer’s sound distinguishably shining through. “Haven,” with Storm.Boi, brings the EP to a close, leaving a lingering feeling of stillness and serenity.

Each song of the EP was produced at a different point in goopsteppa’s life, yet somehow tie together as a cohesive piece of art. Diaries gives us an inside peek at goopsteppa and is sure to be a favorite of ours this October.

Listen to the Diaries EP by goopsteppa below:

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