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As we near September, I’m sure we’re all feeling a bit of emptiness not returning home to Legend Valley. This was, sure enough, the slightest cure of my depression (and a reason to break my neck in the comfort of my home). But Excision and Wooli have brought back the will to live for headbangers everywhere with the release of the Evolution EP: The Remixes.

Featuring artists that are no stranger to the scene, this is pure HEAT.

Kompany kicks off the EP with an absolutely disgusting remix of “Lockdown”. Like stop the car and pull over type beat. Just when I didn’t think “Lockdown” couldn’t go any harder, IT DIDDDDD.
Further down in the EP, we get another absolutely bonkers remix of “Lockdown” from Hairitage.

Ray Volpe brings us an absolutely jaw-dropping rendition of one of my all-time favorite songs, “Oxygen”. Giving us the melodic feels we felt before into an insane drop, this will surely make you feel some typa’ way.
Hi I’m Ghost had a more melodic take on the drop further down the lineup, which turned out to be absolutely beautiful.

Samplifire and Calcium both brought equally unique, nasty, and heavy remixes of the title track “Evolution”. Both of them keeping a lot of familiar elements of the original, yet turning it into something completely their own.

MUST DIE! takes on the second slower song on the EP, “Another Me”. He gives us the slow melodic vibes we expected, but leads us into one of my favorite drops on the entire EP. Some sort of Melodic Dubstep chaos that we LOVE.
The EP ends on a melodic note with the Whales remix of “Another Me”. Whales turned this beautiful piece of work into an absolute masterpiece. Don’t sleep on this one, just make it to the end!

Listen to Evolution EP: The Remixes here!

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