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The collaboration of the century is here. Never in our life did we think we would see a collaboration between the Electric Polar Bears and…Paris Hilton. Yeah, the heiress to the Hilton hotel empire. THAT Paris Hilton. Needless to say, their new track “Melting” is….hot.

“Melting” is an infectious acid tech track that has us daydreaming about those nights on a hot, sweaty dance floor that seem like they were hundreds of years ago. Full of thumping beats, pulsating synths, and iconic sound bites, this track transports us right onto the beaches of Ibiza.

Known for their infectious party anthems, the Electric Polar Bears bring that same energy in “Melting.” The song immediately jumps into an intense build before Paris’ iconic lyrics of “this beat is hot” bring in the first drop that takes you on a ride deeper into the progressive trance track. The synth continues with glitched-out vocals, slowly crescendoing into a smooth breakdown that continues for the rest of the track.

To make this collaboration even better, the Electric Polar Bears and Paris Hilton teamed up for an official music video. It’s everything you could want and more from a trancey summer track music video. Watch it here.

Listen to “Melting” here:

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