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Digital Ethos is in his peak creative form right now, and after digesting his new EP, it’s easy to say ‘Modus’ is nothing short of a beautiful frenzy of innovative production and next-level sounds.

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A very highly-revered name in the bass music scene right now, Digital Ethos has been turning heads and twisting minds of both fans and producers alike with game-changing releases for some time now, such as a ground-breaking collaborative EP ‘Mars’ with the don Space Jesus and a massive collaboration with Bassnectar, ‘Slather’, that had tons of us shook and put him heavily on the map of ones to watch 2 years ago.

It’s been pretty long since the last project from him, but ‘Modus’ is here now, and it’s safe to say it’s been well worth the wait. The 3-track EP is the ultimate flex of his production prowess and ability to evolve upon every release. From top to bottom, the project is teeming with otherworldly and gritty sounds, keen sound design true to him as always, plenty of harrowing twist and turns you’ll love.

The title track MODUS is overflowing in swagger and absolutely obliterates the senses with an infectious groove, shifting back and forth perfectly with the low-end heavy synths. One of the most surprising cuts from this is ‘Starpower’, a vastly unique creation with trap influences and incredibly fun experimentation spread throughout the entire duration of the song.

‘Modus’ is absolutely gangster, and Digital Ethos had to do it to ’em.

Listen to Digital Ethos – Modus below.

Digital Ethos

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