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Chef Boyarbeatz, an underground favorite, introduces an innovative three-track compilation, Nokia Dub, via Deadbeats. While proving he can be more than just a 140 producer, Chef B comes correct with his first EP release since last year.

It’s been a minute since we last interviewed the Chef, and it’s exciting to watch his growth as a person, as well as in music. After signing on with Sub.mission, he quickly became a household name in the underground bass scene, and rightfully so! Each track that Chef Boyarbeatz produces has a one-of-a-kind production with elegant UK-inspired soundscapes. Not to mention, he’s locked in releases on renowned labels like Deep Dark & Dangerous, Mad Zoo, and DUPLOC. In 2022, Chef’s absolute banger of a song, “Steady Slurkin’,” was voted #1 dubstep song of the year on This success is well-deserved and certainly continues with his newest body of work, so we took the opportunity to spotlight it!

Press photo of Chef B
Photo by: Joey Nguyen

Morganne Davis, Electric Hawk: So! You recently moved across the country from LA to Denver. How are you and the fam enjoying CO?

Chef B: We’re really loving it. I’ve been the most physically active since college! I have a tan again and have attended tons of sick shows. The area feels like where I grew up (Orange County) mixed with mountain town vibes, which is a nice switch-up from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles.

Similarly, this latest release also signifies a new chapter for Chef Boyarbeatz!

MD: What inspired you to go in a different direction with the Nokia Dub EP and switch up tempos?

Chef B: I don’t like to pigeonhole myself into one genre. After putting out so much 140 last year, I wanted to drop some other various tempos to show my range and make sure people know I’m not only doing that style of dubstep. I think I’ve seen a lot of people go viral on a song and have everyone associate them with that style, so I really wanted to make sure people knew this after “Steady Slurkin’.”

MD: What’s your favorite track off of the EP?

Chef B: That’s tough. I probably would have to say “Absolutely Fucked,” which is funny because it’s probably the least well-received of the three. The same thing kind of happened with my DDD EP. [Laughs]

Nokia Dub features three tracks ranging from 115 to 128 BPM.

The opening track of Nokia Dub has an essence that matches its title, “BIG SOUND.” Although the introduction is slow and steady, this one truly packs a punch. Right off the bat, Chef B displays the range of tempos he can effortlessly create. The crispy bassline complimented with various beeps, boops, and bells, adding a quirky flair. All of a sudden, we’re hit with the infamous switch-up, making the second half even crispier than the first.

Secondly is “Nokia Dub,” which preceded the EP, giving us a taste of this newfound versatility. The relaxed BPM is a vibe, including the whimsical melody of notes layered on top. Sometimes, the slower the tempo, the stronger a song resonates. A dreamy ambiance paired with cutting-edge bass is something that Chef Boyarbeatz always does so well.

Lastly, “Absolutely Fucked,” is when the mayhem is unleashed. This hefty tune truly matches its namesake with a bouncy rhythm that will shake you to your core. The beat is simple, yet the piercing knocks and rebellious vocals can make any crowd act up. “Absolutely Fucked” is one of those songs where you can tell that the artist let their imagination loose and let it all come together beautifully.

Not only is Nokia Dub a testament to stepping outside of the box but also to Chef B’s unique style. Likewise, his live sets are just as adaptable and artistic; anyone who’s had the pleasure of catching one of his many festival stops would agree. This summer, he has graced the stages of prominent festivals such as Wakaan, June Jam, Elements, and more!

Chef B at Elements Festival
Chef Boyarbeatz at Elements, captured by: John Verwey

MD: Clearly, it’s been a busy summer for the Chef Boyarbeatz project! What has been your favorite festival experience this year?

Chef B at Infrasound Equinox
Photo by: Nathan Lane

Chef B: Infrasound [Equinox] for sure. I think I played my favorite set ever, and the crowd energy was absolutely f*cked. [Laughs] But if we are talking overall festival experience, I’d have to say it’s a tie between Okeechobee and The Untz.

MD: Next…couches or no couches? Just kidding. However, we both have seen the silly discourse that seems to get recycled on social media lately, and I’ve noticed you do a great job at not engaging. How hard is it to ignore the trolls and stay true to yourself and your music?

Chef B: It’s a lot easier for me now because I used to be one of those people constantly injecting myself into mind-numbing discourse. I realized how much time and energy I was wasting and stopped engaging, and it’s been incredibly beneficial for my mental. I’m also a troll myself, so I know when to hold back when people post bait to react to.

MD: Lastly, are there any more significant releases to look forward to this fall/winter?

Chef B: As of right now, nothing is etched in stone, but to give you an idea: I have a collab with Blurrd Vzn, a joint EP with Mythm, a two-track 140 EP, some dnb tunes, and much more!

Luckily for us, there’s a lot more on the horizon! Whether it’s laidback like Nokia Dub, a classic 140 jawn, or an upbeat dnb tune, Chef Boyarbeatz has us covered.

Cover Image Credits: Lane Jackman

Enjoy the Nokia Dub EP by Chef Boyarbeatz on all platforms here!

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