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It’s spooky season, and with spooky season comes spooky releases. BRVMES summons one of the most sinister songs yet, with his twist of American Horror Story theme song.

BRVMES is a very common name among our Electric Hawk Family, and you should get familiar with it too. With a one-of-a-kind guest mix on Electric Hawk Radio in our early days, he’s flexed the dark sounds he’s been conjuring for his project and has recently submerged from the shadows once more to start giving us a taste of everything he’s been working on below the surface, such as his last blood-pumping edit for Bring Me The Horizon.

BRVMES American Horror Story Edit

Merging a multitude of genres and fresh sounds into one stunning edit of AHS’s iconic intro theme song, BRVMES twists and manipulates the song with techno, bass, and some black magic. The industrial sounds of Gesaffelstein’s era shimmer through as an honorable influence through the first drop, and BRVMES soon throws a maddening curveball that shreds you to bits with haunting low-ends and and sliding distorted synths that pick apart your nerves.

This is the PERFECT Halloween theme song for you, then again, if you’re ever down for dark sounds and top-tier production, BRVMES is your man.

Listen to BRVMES’s American Horror Story (Blood Edit) below.


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