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International powerhouses BLVCK CROWZ and Eskei83 teamed up for a drum and bass collaboration in “Taking It Higher.” Released on February 25, this track is an impeccable mesh of their respective styles. BLVCK CROWS and ESKEI83 have undoubtedly produced a drum and bass anthem.

The masked duo, BLVCK CROWZ (above, left), is no stranger to creating hard-hitting drum and bass. They often incorporate metallic sounds in their tracks to yield a raw, dark edge. BLVCK CROWZ masterfully composes devilish samples with uplifting energy. However, “Taking It Higher” is a somewhat different tone for Eskei83 (above, right). The Germany-based produce typically releases synth-heavy, pop-adjacent dance music. Additionally, Eskei83 is a world champion turntablist. He flavors “Taking It Higher” with his turntable talent, elevating this collaboration even further and highlighting the signature sound of BLVCK CROWZ.

“The collaboration was planned for over a year. As soon as the vocals were written, we knew this was the track we were waiting for.”


“We’re taking it higher, the world is on fire.”

“Taking It Higher” opens cinematically with droning synths and gentle piano underlying the vocal sample delivered by BLVCK CROWZ; the collaborators sprinkle these vocals throughout the song. As the introduction builds, a drum and bass rhythm briefly makes itself known before the buildup continues. The drop unleashes a tsunami of energy that hits the listener. Immediately, the driving metallic samples that are classic for BLVCK CROWZ are prevalent. Listeners really feel the darkness, as well as the contrasting uplifting energy. Moreover, the mood is empowering.

Following a second build-up is a stanza that is both smooth yet staccato. The melody is also more rhythmically involved, reinvigorating listeners with fiery enthusiasm. BLVCK CROWZ and Eskei83 created an absolutely infectious track; “Taking It Higher” is clearly a drum and bass anthem.

Bump the BLVCK CROWZ and Eskei83 collab, “Taking It Higher,” below, out now!

Cover art for “Taking It Higher” by Jordan Piersma.

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