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We haven’t forgotten our incredible weekend in Austin, Texas, celebrating Beyond Existence 2023! Marking their fifth anniversary, the BE team went above and beyond expectations. We could go on and on about our favorite aspects of the weekend, for example, the stage production, creative workshops, and scenery. Luckily, we’ve narrowed it down to the five most memorable things about this year.

#1: The lively and welcoming festival-goers

One of the best feelings is leaving a music festival with more friendships than you came with. The returning attendees were all so quick to welcome the first-timers to the ranch; it instantly felt like home. In every direction, there were colorful ensembles and smiling faces. Beyond Existence, like most smaller festivals, has a greater sense of respect and community. Not only is it a safe place for everyone involved to express themselves and let loose, but also to take care of each other in the process. It was certainly refreshing to connect with so many genuine humans.

#2: The roaring sound systems

Without a doubt, this year’s sound design blew everyone away. BE featured two of the crispiest systems, the Element 5‘s and Intent Audio. Equally, these cutting-edge speakers enhanced the music while adding a visual aspect as well. Also, free earplugs were handed out for everyone to enjoy the booming bass safely.

The Tribal Roots stage was equipped with stacks on stacks of E5s. The orange accents glistened in the sunshine as artists like Barooka, CLB, Yoko, and Wraz threw down. Then, once the late-night sets begin, the Tribal Roots stage becomes illuminated with projection mapping! At night, SubDocta, Shlump, and Supertask sounded superb on the Element 5’s, including a surprise set from The Widdler to close the festival.

  • BE press photo

Similarly, the River Amphitheater was blaring with the hefty iA sound system. Some of the best sets were on this stage, such as the Manifest Gang takeover, Minnesota, parkbreezy, and kLL sMTH b2b VCTRE. Not to mention, Zen Selekta and her electrifying energy made for the perfect golden hour set on Sunday. No matter the stage or time, every set at Beyond Existence was impressive, to say the least!

#3: The extravagant installations

Once the sun went down, the fire came out! Music and flow arts go hand in hand, and Beyond did a great job spotlighting skillful performers. Every artist who played at night had fire dancers to go along with them. There were hoops, dragon staffs, fans, you name it! Watching the guys and gals do their thing on stage was undeniably a highlight of the weekend.

Additionally, there was never a dull moment with ongoing creative workshops each day run by talented volunteers.

Boredom Fighters - BE

The Boredomfighters Foundation is a nonprofit organization of producers and musicians focusing on bringing music access and education to underprivileged youth. This year, the Boredomfighters brought their Instrument Garden Studio to the ranch! Everyone was encouraged to stop by their custom dome to play around with various instruments and synthesizers.

#4: The breathtaking landscape

Carson Creek Ranch is grassy, spacious, and filled with butterflies. Plus, the weather couldn’t have been better. The warm sunshine and blue skies during the day turned starry nights with a balmy breeze. The open field made everything easy to navigate, even in the dark when the ranch transformed into a neon jungle.

  • BE 2023 crowd photo
  • BE press photo
  • BE press 2023 photo
  • BE 2023
  • BE press photo

#5: The dedicated Beyond Existence 2023 squad

Last but definitely not least are the staff and volunteers of Beyond Existence. Five years is a significant milestone, and after working with the team all weekend, it’s obvious how this fest is so successful. This crew is powered solely by Guayaki Yerbas and their passion for the community. It’s easy to tell who’s in the industry for the right reasons, and BE is a hidden gem.

“Beyond Existence is like one big family reunion.”

– Rowdy Banner

Three days seem long, but time flies when you’re having fun. New friends quickly become family, and the next thing you know, you’re counting down the days until next year. Beyond Existence 2023 will be unforgettable, but we’re also eager to see what 2024 will bring!

Stay tuned for part two!

BE press photo
BE 2023 team photo

All images by CASROSE, Nathen Lane, or Brielle Bishop.

Relive Beyond Existence 2023 with the final recap below! 🦋

created by eyeso.visuals, including some footage from KC

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