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Powerhouse duo, Acrillics, has been making headway in the music scene… and rightfully so. The young producers have been steadily building their arsenal of big chunes! This time adding a new Drum & Bass track, “Sonar.”

If you kept up with their Mad Too release, and their recent premiere with FUXWITIT blog, then you know our boys can get S L U T T Y. Their new single, “Sonar,” is out and with it, they plan to locate all non-DnB lovers and convert them.

We have no choice but to stan!

Sonar begins with soft build up tone, it’s mesmerizing with a subtle note that grows in intensity and pace. It isn’t until the up-switch in the bass line where you find yourself jammin’ to some drum breaks. No, seriously, I was air drumming the whole time… y’all don’t do that? 12/10 recommend.

Did we mention that this a debut release on BURNA Records, a Drum and Bass label based out of New Zealand? Well YEAH! Their goal? Exposing all the Drum & Bass talent New Zealand has to offer. True music sharing culture. You love to see it!

Listen Here:

Acrillics – Sonar

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