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It’s summer time, boys and girls! Time to turn up the heat with “Fuck Up The Party” by Shogun. This is track is everything and more.

The single opens up with soothing vocals blending with a soft piano tune. Some flavor is added when a snare and symbol synth are slapped on, too. The track then transforms into a vibey dance track that will have you on your feet.

This song is among a long list of tracks that are perfect for the summer. Shogun maintains the calming, yet also electric energy throughout the whole track. He is an overall outstanding producer who has some neat tricks up his sleeve.

Thanks to his passion for music as well as video games, one of his recent projects he released was a rework of the iconic Super Mario Bros theme song. This rework was released exclusively on Bandcamp. The track is still available for download for $1. All the proceeds that were raised were donated to the CDC Foundation to help combat COVID-19 and frontline workers.

Hopefully we get to hear another remix sometime soon, but only time will tell with the rest of Shogun’s projects!

Stream “Fuck Up The Party” by Shogun down below and let us know what you think!

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