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Xotix has oiled up their hands and stuffed them in our brain with their new song “Cranial Therapy.” The West Coast bass in this song is enough to hypnotize you to sleep, then catch you as you fall. All this before transporting you to an outer realm of wonder and danger before it ends.

An essential add to anyone’s bass music library

We are lucky to premiere this track being released by Above and Below. It feels like throwing on an old classic you’ve been listening to for years. The bass feels comfortable to hang out in and effortless to listen to.

Xotix Cranial Therapy
Members, Left: Richie Top: David Bottom: Jake

Jake Bragonier and Richie Lucov started Xotix in 2017, collecting David Monath in 2019 on their way to becoming the community favorite in the Bay Area that they are now. Together, the three bring their diverse backgrounds and contrasting styles to create an entirely new and unique entity, a machine of many pieces running on equal parts exhilaration and audacity.

More originals soon to come

The self-proclaimed ‘Bass Music Boy Band’ owns a huge repertoire of amazing remixes. Although they’ve released an increasing amount of their own songs in the past few months, it’s hard not to get continually excited to hear their individuality on full show. Following the release of their First EP, Producer House, in June they released another EP, Type III, just four months later in October. We sit on the edge of our seats now if this year was any indication of what’s to come.

A pulsing energy with reverberation of every sound brings the term smooth brain to life as you feel the wrinkles in your mind unfold during this “Cranial Therapy.” By the end, your mind has been wiped of whatever nonsense it was thinking about before.

Listen to “Cranial Therapy” by Xotix exclusively below!

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