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The original PAC-MAN audio always leaves a twinge of nostalgia, and Wolf-e-Wolf pays homage to such in his newest single, “Pacmane.” With an introduction of the catchy arcade game theme song, the Texas native ushers in bouncy basslines atop. Although he still uses samples from the 1980 entertainment hit, Wolf-e-Wolf transforms it into a more modern take, speeding up the tempo into a maze of pure wonkiness and destruction.

“Pacmane” only continues to add to the growing catalog of releases Wolf-e-Wolf has put out through the established 19K, including past singles, “Jump Up,” “Attack,” as well as his full-length Sine Language album. Knowing no boundaries as his sound evolves, Wolf-e-Wolf has also landed placements on Gravitas Recordings and WAKAAN.

Even having the pleasure to host him for our very own Harmony virtual music festival in August, the powerful rising artist keeps us enthralled with his every move.

Listen to “Pacmane” by Wolf-e-Wolf below – out now on 19K!

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