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How many of us can call 2020 a dumpster fire of a year? Probably all of us… In a year full of challenges and hardship, it is difficult for us to find a bright spot. But this year we feel a deeper appreciation for the smaller things. Things like being able to go to school and work every day or hanging with friends or family and, especially, drinking hotdog water. As we prepare for the holidays, we asked you and our fellow hawks what they were thankful for this year.

We are all thankful for good freaking music.

Risik is thankful for GRLGANG, DOMEOFDOOM, WylieCable, and Jeanie for the work they put in… Not only for their musical representation but for making sure everyone else is heard too. true heroes of her year and life.

Yewz says he is thankful for Chomppa, Brunchbeatz, Vieira, Ravenscoon, and Subdocta because they inspire him to make better music and he can listen to their stuff on repeat.

Darth Smokey is thankful for Brunchbeatz, Slang Dogs, Lupa, Dylan Heckert, Opake, and Waste Wisely.

Garrrry the Stan is thankful for Yewz, and Ravenscoon because they’ve really been doing god’s work in the underground with filth comin out of speakers and LOVE comin out of their hearts! And all of the Common Creation drops as well.

Shaker 808 is thankful for everything DMVU put out on all the harmony fests. And the producers who do track breakdowns and tutorials.

Cam Daniels says he’s for the music of Ekonovah, Heimanu, and Paark for carrying him through this pandemic and reigniting his own creativity.

We are thankful for the opportunities and accomplishments.

Our homies Blurrdvzn says they were extremely thankful that EH premiered their EP.

Shelby Kobra says she’s thankful to have the opportunity to do what she loves and be surrounded by amazing people while doing it.

Olivia Stevens says she’s thankful that she was able to deliver a happy healthy baby with the loml who she met because of an EH group chat.

What are the Hawks thankful for?

Hayden: This year I’m thankful for the connection that music creates. With everything that has happened this year between politics and Covid-19… I’m thankful for the fact that music has kept us all sane and connected with one another during this time. Life has been tough for the majority of us during this battle and I genuinely believe that without music, we would’ve gone mad by now.

Corie:  I’m thankful for new CTF, old CTF, all CTF. Glass Animals Dreamland album for single-handedly getting through this year & per usual, Tycho, and Tipper for just existing.

Anna: I am just super thankful for all of the EH team. Everyone on it seriously inspires me every day. I am also thankful for all my friends who I met this last semester of school, they have seriously changed my life for the better. Lastly, I am thankful for Odesza because when things feel like shit in the world, with school, with friends, or anything their music always helps calm me down and bring me some peace in chaotic times.

Alyssa: I am thankful for indie and acoustic music. For music that can bring us back to a specific moment in time, to a specific memory, for the medicinal effects music has that help us to heal and grow. And I’m thankful that music brings us together as a diverse family.

Selbe: I’m thankful for my friends, family, and how much I’ve progressed in my career this year, and how I’ve been helping others achieve their goals!

Chris: I am thankful for my health, and the progress made in that. I am grateful for my family and friends that are still here with me, and our community.

Dariel: Super thankful for the EH team and everyone that makes this community feel like a light during a dark time. Love to everyone who made Harmony Virtual Festival an impactful series of streams.

Ash: I’m thankful for having music and live streams to get me through this year. And that my friends and family have generally stayed healthy!

Sean: I’m thankful for discovering new artists who impress me day-by-day. I’m thankful for my partner of now three years who has helped me develop into a way better person. She is the brightness in my life and she continuously makes me smile day in and day out. And I’m thankful for Electric Hawk. For all the friends I have met and the experience I have gathered within a year through writing on this bird website. I’m so happy to get the chance to help many smaller artists get the recognition they deserve. I’m happy to help black lives matter organizations and RAINN with our Harmony Festival donations this year. In 2021, I hope to see many of the Hawks in person and do more good for the lovely birdies.

Something important especially for this year is to be thankful for the little things. Life has been very difficult in 2020. Some of us have barely even made it to this point more than 8 months into a global pandemic. Many of us are scraping the bottom of the barrel to pay rent or put food on the table. Hurricanes, wildfires, typhoons, and many other natural disasters have left many without homes. Take a moment after reading this and think about the things that too often are overlooked, but matter greatly in your life. Maybe it’s that daily walk with your dog, or that funny moment you shared with your family or friends, or just listening to some good music.

So wherever you are or wherever you’re going for the rest of this year… Stay safe this holiday season and stay positive. We love you.

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